Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My birthday trip is BOOKED!

I'd been putting off locking anything down because, when I'm traveling alone, I tend to keep hoping that someone will be able to come with me, or maybe I'll find something worthwhile locally. [Not strictly true, but an expedient explanation.] And this is a big trip for me -- I usually only go away for a weekend at a time. A whole week? Major.

I finally made my reservations today.

July 4: Leave for Vegas. (I'm sure there will be some KILLER fireworks, and I'm staying at the Imperial Palace, across from the Mirage. Love that volcano!)

July 5: Bill Maher at the Orleans.

July 7: My birthday! Penn & Teller at the Rio; who else could I possibly want to spend my birthday with? (And the Houdini x-stitch will finally be going home.)

July 9-12: The Amazing Meeting, one day of which I will attempt to attend (probably the 9th to see Jamy Ian Swiss speak).

July 10: Skeptics' Guide to the Universe dinner. It's going to mean me haulin' ass to the airport, but my spot is reserved!

July 10: I fly home (and some poor soul picks me up at 5.30am the next morning).

In the meantime, there will be Bodies, there will be helicopters (I've always wanted to fly over the strip), there will be me in octopus- and skull-encrusted sundresses (trust me, this is an event unto itself), and any other ridiculousness I can get in on (suggestions will be taken, dirty and otherwise).

Aside from the fact that I feel like I'm going to vomix* from the amount of money I just spent this morning, I'm super excited. Happy birthday to me!

*Something of an inside joke.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another addition to the site.

Those are my (largely irrelevant) tweets in the sidebar, in case you were wondering.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm giving away this dress.

Update: The dress has been claimed and will be on its way to California soon!

I have made a version of View A of Butterick 5348, initially as a "muslin" but not so much of muslin. I needed a quilting cotton of a similar type to the real fabric I intended on using, and believe it or not, the crazy fabric I wound up finding -- perfect for me -- was also the cheapest of its type available at my local Joann that day.

The dress is a shape that I had questions about, so I went with a larger size than I would normally make. The ultimate result is that the dress is both too big and too small for me. The waist sits nowhere near where it should on me (way too high -- my top takes up too much space) and it's otherwise a little too wide. But this is why we do muslins, right?

Because it's such a cool fabric and the dress is very nearly completely finished, I'm hoping someone else will want it -- someone who suits these measurements better than I:
Butterick Size: Misses 24
Chest: 44"
Bust: 46"

Waist: 39"

Hip: 48"

Back Waist Length: 17.5"

I take no responsibility for how accurate any of these measurements are. I usually make size 20-22 with some adjustments for a longer bodice, but I made no adjustments to this one. Aside from it really not fitting me correctly, it just doesn't suit me. I'll keep trying to find a dress pattern that does, though, beyond the one A-line that does seem to work well for me.

So! Does anyone want this dress? Someone who will actually wear it? My sewing dummy is not showing it off very well because, well, nothing ever looks right on my sewing dummy.

It is not my best zipper insertion, and it will need a hook/clasp at the back neck. It is also unhemmed for your convenience, and I will send along with it the rest of the silver satin that I used at the neck, which would make a perfect hem band if you want more length. There's also enough to make a purse or something if you'd like.

The images show the print pretty accurately -- isn't it awesome? The circles that look silvery actually are silvery, which is why I went with that satin at the neckband. Matches pretty well.

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