Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some fun facts about tractor ownership!

Did you know that it costs the same to replace the transmission in a 2006 Craftsman lawn tractor as it does to buy a new Craftsman lawn tractor? (For scale: Craftsman tractor $= Macintosh laptop $= computerized sewing machine $= week for four at Disneyland...)

Did you know
that it costs approximately 3 times as much to have the oil changed in a 2006 Craftsman tractor as it does for a 2006 Honda Civic?

Both of these things -- and more! -- are upcoming, as my tractor is seriously illin'. I'm not complaining exactly. I love my Lawn Stud and am committed to keeping him spry. I'm just mildly surprised.

I've also been lately contemplating the possibility that I've inherited my mother's anti-magnetism.* She's one of those mythical creatures who can't seem to wear a watch without it dying within a day. I've never had adversarial relationships with technology -- quite the opposite -- but the past few years I've noticed something interesting.

My new 2004 RX-8?
Failed dead on the road 4 times two years of ownership.

My new 2006 Civic which replaced it? Overnight in the shop several times, including a completely dead 2-year-old battery, and replacement of both front struts within the first year.

And let's talk iPhone. I got mine in October of 2007. Well, I got my first one in October. I'm on my fourth one now. #1: DOA, #2: Speaker failure, #3: Case separation, #4: Starting to act fishy.

These problems have always been quickly and warranty-edly handled by their manufacturers, dog love 'em, but it makes one wonder: Am I technically accursed?

No, it can't be. My dear Nigel has served me faithfully with very few problems (which I could not fix myself) for 5+ years now.

Oh crap. Quick, give me something wooden -- and without a battery -- to knock on!

*This may also explain the oft-puzzling nature of my interpersonal relationships.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bat Glass

Bored, burned out and generally disgusted, "making" is such a part of my routine that if I go too long without, it just makes me feel worse. When I can't get my shit together to do much of anything else, sometimes the best thing to do is something quick and easy, just to get my hands involved.

Acid glass etching is very satisfying. Out of my cheap set of wine glasses, I wanted to set one apart as mine. So now I have a bat glass.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

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