Thursday, June 20, 2019

Skulls and Chains (some more)

I have had a 3D printer for a couple of years now, and it keeps me busy in the best ways. I recently found a lot of scanned-from-life animal skulls, and wanted to make a...big necklace. :) The base of the thing, I actually already had — years ago, I made this woven chains necklace, and this seemed like a good time to update it.

So here's a weird picture of yours truly wearing two birds, two rats, and one cat skull. Not to scale! (Probably.) This is the day I wore this necklace to work. Not ONE person mentioned it. Not one! What kind of reputation do I HAVE around this place!

SOTL Moth Patch

Haven't stopped making, just stopped posting. :)

Here's a quick project — well, no, it's a quick post about a project I thought about for a long time. I also recreated the artwork I needed to make it usable not only for an embroidery machine, but also to work in the way I wanted for the applique. There are 4 layers of quilting cotton, embroidered atop a felt backing. It was then trimmed and distressed by hand, then attached to the jacket (a second-hand RTW that had been white before I dyed it).

I was thinking about adding a quote from "Silence of the Lambs," but I wanted to try with just the patch first. Could still add a quote... but what would it be?

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