Saturday, November 12, 2011

iPad Carry Bag

Before CSICon last month, I decided to make a bag sized just for my iPad, iPhone, new camera, and one or two other essentials. Something with an extra-long strap so I could wear it cross-body and low on my hip.

I had a big chunk of this very cool, but very stiff, diamond-plate embossed vinyl. I'd been trying to figure out something to do with it for a couple of years. Originally, I was hoping to make a corset with it -- how cool would that be! -- but it's just too stiff. It's a good weight for a light-duty bag, though.

I also had a couple of yards of this quilted burgundy knit which I'd intended to use for a nice fall skirt, which hasn't yet happened. Well then it's fair game! I figured it would be satisfactorily padded, particularly since the iPad never comes out of its leather case.

I decided the best design would be an envelope style with a bottom gusset to accommodate the iPad thickness. The leather patch on the front is embroidered with a nice juicy D and a heart, for me. :) I left the top of the patch open so I could slip some business cards etc. therein.

I also made a gusseted strip out of 2" elastic, made to measure for my iPhone and camera. (Camera not shown in place, for obvious reason.)

After careful measurements, the strap (plain 1" poly webbing, with diamond stud trim added) was sewn to the rear exterior, then the leather detail was added over top.

The interior and exterior were adhered together and then folded over at the bottom, then back up for the gusset. Then the outer edge was finished all the way around with purchased double-fold bias tape.

That's pretty much it! Simple design with a few added details. I carried it through the week, just right for my electro-accessories, and a couple extras.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

CSICon/New Orleans 2011

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CSICon/New Orleans 2011, a set on Flickr.

Just got home yesterday from close to a week in New Orleans, which included a big skeptics conference AND Halloween (and a costume party and a swamp tour...). It's like all the parts of my personality were fully engaged -- best vacation ever!

I spent the last few hours culling 600+ photos down to 200+ so y'all can get the highlights. If you're wondering, yes I did make my "costume" and yes I did do the facepaint myself. Even better than wearing a mask!
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