Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Some fun facts about tractor ownership!

Did you know that it costs the same to replace the transmission in a 2006 Craftsman lawn tractor as it does to buy a new Craftsman lawn tractor? (For scale: Craftsman tractor $= Macintosh laptop $= computerized sewing machine $= week for four at Disneyland...)

Did you know
that it costs approximately 3 times as much to have the oil changed in a 2006 Craftsman tractor as it does for a 2006 Honda Civic?

Both of these things -- and more! -- are upcoming, as my tractor is seriously illin'. I'm not complaining exactly. I love my Lawn Stud and am committed to keeping him spry. I'm just mildly surprised.

I've also been lately contemplating the possibility that I've inherited my mother's anti-magnetism.* She's one of those mythical creatures who can't seem to wear a watch without it dying within a day. I've never had adversarial relationships with technology -- quite the opposite -- but the past few years I've noticed something interesting.

My new 2004 RX-8?
Failed dead on the road 4 times two years of ownership.

My new 2006 Civic which replaced it? Overnight in the shop several times, including a completely dead 2-year-old battery, and replacement of both front struts within the first year.

And let's talk iPhone. I got mine in October of 2007. Well, I got my first one in October. I'm on my fourth one now. #1: DOA, #2: Speaker failure, #3: Case separation, #4: Starting to act fishy.

These problems have always been quickly and warranty-edly handled by their manufacturers, dog love 'em, but it makes one wonder: Am I technically accursed?

No, it can't be. My dear Nigel has served me faithfully with very few problems (which I could not fix myself) for 5+ years now.

Oh crap. Quick, give me something wooden -- and without a battery -- to knock on!

*This may also explain the oft-puzzling nature of my interpersonal relationships.

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