Thursday, September 14, 2006

Quote Wallet

Quote Wallet
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This was a good challenge for myself, which I thought turned out pretty well.

I designed some zippered wallets/change purses intended for sale at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair, August 2006. Each wallet featured an original design (mostly using modified stock art/illustration) and a strong quote, mostly of the "free thinking" variety. Each piece also features a small logo on the back which says "Time for change," next to a little maze/brain.

Once again, I printed plain white muslin on my Epson printer; one piece for the front and back, folded at the bottom. I sealed the outsides with heat-fusible vinyl and assembled the wallet with a vinyl lining (change is dirty!) and a colored coil zipper.

I was turned down for the fair. But this particular wallet found its way to my friend Dave.

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