Friday, September 01, 2006

Rodeo Outfit

Rodeo Outfit
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This is an outfit -- er, "outfit" -- I made to go to a rodeo this weekend.

First of all, hooray Halloween fabric season! I love the time of year when I can say, "Gee, what I'd really like to make is a skirt with glittery-eyed skulls all over it!" And then actually DO that. As opposed to the other 9 months out of the year, when I say that, and ... can still do it, for probably half-price. So, uh, hooray Halloween fabric clearance season!

The skirt uses a basic pattern of front panel, rear panel, and front/rear yoke. The yoke is a pin-tucked slightly stretchy remnant of some sort. No elastic or closures; just uses a drawstring.

The shirt is one I bought resale. It's a REAL cowboy shirt! I love it and it's gorgeous, but unfortunately (?) I'm not exactly built like a real cowboy. So I had to come up with some ways to "feminize" this thing a little bit. What I did actually seems to have worked.

Step 1: Remove stiff pointy collar.
Step 2: Attach D-ring tabs to shoulder-area-pointies.
Step 3: Attach D-ring tapes beneath pockets (i.e. under breastage area).
Step 4: Remove, seriously, like 7 inches from hem. This probably made the biggest difference.

I considered whether to do something to/with the long sleeves, but then got tired of thinking about it and had a drink.

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