Friday, November 03, 2006

Pleated Spider Skirt

When I saw this plaid fabric with black flocked spiders, I knew it had to be a pleated skirt. I've never done pleats before, so it was a good progressive choice.

Because it was almost experimental, I decided not to worry too much about matching the plaids across the panels. Unfortunately, accidentally, one side panel matched when I cut it, and the other didn't. Exactly the wrong position -- either they should both match or they should both NOT match! Once I'd folded all the pleats in, I realized no one but me (and anyone who reads this) would notice, so I soldiered on.

I changed the waistband from the pattern, as it originally included a drop-waist, which didn't make sense for this fabric. The other part of the experiment was that I decided to stitch along the mountain folds of the pleats so they would be forever crisp (especially since this fabric was not ironing well). It worked very well, and it's something I will do again, to be sure.

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