Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pyramid Bags

Here are a couple of little bags I made from a pattern I found online. They are about 6 inches tall.

The one on the left was my test go. Sometimes you can look at a pattern or instructions a thousand times, but until you actually DO it, it doesn't come together in the noggin. So I did the beigey one with a light interfacing and no lining to see how to handle the zipper. Then I made the bag that I really wanted to make.

The black and red bag is made from marine vinyl, which is nice and heavy with a very interesting feel to it. I made it to wear with an all red and black outfit, thus the red topstitching etc. The white spots are mother of pearl studs which I got from a swap with someone on craftster (she sent me 300 of them!) and the wrist strap was cannibalized from a $3 resale purse (which also yielded two zippers and a silver tone slidy/clippy closure). The studs are more evenly-aligned than they look in the photo -- it's an angle thing. It IS.


  1. Would you share the pattern?
    I love it!!!

    1. Hi, April!

      I'm pretty sure I got this pattern/tutorial from this post:

      It was a pretty long time ago when I made these, but if I ever do them again, I'll definitely take some step-by-step photos. They were quick and easy, I remember that much!


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