Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Live Life Without Irons

I'm getting pretty accustomed to sewing with commercial patterns, but I haven't advanced far enough to create my own. Not entirely.

But with the help of this tutorial, I made myself a 6-gore circle skirt (sans pockets), entirely self-drafted. It's three parts Jeep fabric, three parts embroidered camo. I had to punt a little with the waistband (zip and button in rear), but it WORKED, which is always a thrill. It's just above-knee and fits me better than it does Heddy Headless, my dressmaker's dummy, which is why the waistband looks a little gappy.

I like bias tape as a finish because it's a lot easier than hemming a circle and also unifies the various panels.

Here's a detail of the fabrics, because they are so cool (both purchased at Joann on the cheap, as usual). One of the slogans on the Jeep fabric is "Live Life Without Limits."

These pictures were taken after the skirt had been worn on a night out, so it's a little wrinkledy. Stood up well, though, which is frankly always something I'm a leetle worried about when I wear my own clothing out.


  1. Oh, I love that skirt! very beautiful and funny in a good way!

  2. Anonymous09:14

    That skirt is brilliant! I really like the pattern combinations.

  3. Anonymous23:54

    Where did you buy the jeep fabric? I know this was years ago, but I'm currently looking for that same fabric. Email me please. oliveroxx@gmail.com

  4. It's officially-licensed Jeep quilting fabric which I'm sure I got at Joann a couple of years ago. As I recall, there were a couple different prints, all in quilters cotton. Hope you can still find some -- I've long since used all I had.


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