Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kitty vs. Deer

I wish I WISH I could have gotten this in better focus, but it was getting very near dusk when this was taken. I was sitting in my living room when I actually heard the deer in my front yard, pulling leaves. I watched her through the front window for a few minutes, then went out the side door onto the deck. (You can just see the railing in the lower right corner -- hopefully that will give some scale. Zoom in on the picture, it's totally worth it.) The deer was, as usual, quite unbothered by my presence. The cat wasn't even particularly alarmed... and I don't even KNOW that cat. For a brilliant few seconds, they both watched ME as if I were some exotic creature on their turf.

After a little while, the cat crossed across to the right and rolled around in the dirt about 8 feet from the deer. When the deer's grazing took her in the cat's direction, the cat beat a hasty retreat.

I stood out on the deck watching her until it was dark.

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  1. Anonymous05:26

    What an awesome glimpse of nature up close. :)


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