Saturday, July 21, 2007

WTF and Cheez-It Bag

Two blog posts today because, frankly, I'm hungover and not in a hurry to do anything that involves me leaving the island of paradise that is my sofa. (Mmm, I can smell people cooking out nearby...)

This project was for a friend at work who is a copy editor. I wanted to make a pendant that looked like an old typewriter key, but for a character which would be more appropriately impossible. "WTF" it is! The pendant itself is made from a metal clothing button, with two-part resin over paper. (The resin I used was really not made for this sort of project, so it was a big PITA getting it to set properly. At least I hope it's set properly... I made her promise to tell me if anything about it fell apart. [Which is my standard caveat when I give people stuff I made, by the way.])

I am either really bad at wrapping presents or I'm really lazy at wrapping presents, so I always prefer to make a little presentation bag of some sort. Add to this the fact that I love packaging and I really love Cheez-Its, and we have the vinyl-covered half-zip Cheez-It gift bag. (To answer the question that's been burning in the bosom of humanity for millennia, yes, one can put an empty Cheez-It bag through a dishwashing cycle.) Woo! Woo? I guess -- she seemed to like it.


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