Friday, August 03, 2007

Doe and Fawn

I know this view looks familiar, but this is actually a new experience at the house.

Last night I was sitting in the living room watching TV, when once again, some motion in the front yard caught my attention. Initially I just saw the big doe standing there, rather still, not doing much of anything. Since this has become fairly commonplace, I went back to watching TV.

A couple of seconds later, though, I saw the speckled little fawn stroll across my windows. This is why we get this "quick, get the camera!" view looking through my living room and out the front windows. (Yes, that couch really is that orange, by the way.) If you look at the full view of the pic, you can see the little fawn munching on the tree right next to the walkway to my front door, while mama stands in the background, keeping an eye out.

They spent a bit of time around my place, pulling on various leafery. The fawn was almost unbearably cute, but difficult to photograph because he kept moving, and because it was after 8pm, so getting the light was difficult. He would pull some leaves off and then flap his big ears, scratching with a rear hoof, then trot around looking for more of... whatever it was he was looking for.

Eventually, they moved around to the back of the house (with me stalking them from the inside), preparing to move back down the ravine. That was when I noticed the doe's side. I don't know much about deer, but it looks to me like this could be molting. I was much more alarmed when I first saw what looked like scars on her side. I do, after all, have a pack of coyotes living back there, too.

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