Friday, October 19, 2007

Another happy swap!

Over at craftster, a painting caught my eye. (Yes, people post actual art there, too.) I emailed the artist to ask her if it was for sale. I was disappointed to find that the painting was already spoken for, but thrilled to hear that she generally just paints for friends or trades. I sent her to my Flickr stream to take a look at some stuff I've made to see if maybe we could work something out. She liked my Bride of Frankenstein bag, so we agreed I'd make her a sorta steroided-up version.

It's difficult to photograph, but here are the pictures. The printed fabric is encased in vinyl for durability and the piece features some interior and exterior embroidery and a stolen (shhhh) wrist strap. I also made a wallet, with nothing stolen.

In exchange, Brenna made me this fantastic Frankensquid. Obviously she and I are fans of the same colors as her bag and my painting look like they came from the same palette. This is the picture she sent me before I received the painting. It went up on my wall about 15 minutes after I unpacked it, but I haven't taken a picture yet. Really I need to hang it a bit higher -- my art usually goes low-ish, but this one really wants to be higher.

Couldn't be happier with this swap. Makes me want to do more ASAP!


  1. I love your bride bag and bust!

  2. I still have this bag and love it more than ever.

  3. Brenna! I'm so happy to hear that! Whenever a thing leaves my hands, I always wonder how it holds up, especially something as experimental as that bag. I'd never made one like it before.

    As for your painting, it still occupies a prominent space in my sewing area (aka dining room), complete with its own light. (It's more subtle than this picture, and if my house wasn't torn up right now, I'd take a better one.)


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