Friday, February 01, 2008

Sally and Syd

Over at craftster, stitcher Aixbelle tells the story of two cute little monsters, Syd Delicious and his friend Sally. Syd was on his way to his new home in Seattle, when they stopped to take some family photos by Puget Sound.

That's when the seemingly unthinkable happened.

A rogue wind rose up and swept the two friends out into the Sound. At least, that's how it appeared. We all prefer -- and choose -- to believe that Syd and Sally simply had too many adventures left in them to settle down, and so broke free to make good their escape. Syd even looks to be hopping away in that last photo.

Their story inspired from me The Ballad of Sally and Syd.

Sally and Syd were loverly beasts,
The first ones invited to all the best feasts.

Syd's big red heart could hold the whole world,
And Sally's droll little mouth was oft wrly curled.

To their friends they were lavish -- and none was a stranger.
They set out to teach us that not all "monsters" mean danger.

"There is too much to see for us to stay in one place,"
Sally whispered to Syd (whose ears dwarfed his face).

He silently nodded and -- quick! -- looked around,
And when no one was looking, they jumped into the Sound.
Yes hand in stripey hand, they splashed into the Sound.

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