Tuesday, March 04, 2008

And then the tentacles come.

Sometimes everything just seems to be going wrong.

And then you make a squid. :)

Then you take a kind of terrible picture of it on your poor cat, vow you'll take a better picture of it tomorrow, accidentally blow the levels out in Photoshop, decide it looks kind of cool, then post it anyway.

Yay squid!

In case you're wondering, the body is giant-inspired, but the fins are more Humboldt. I also realize that the eyes should be oriented 90° around the collar, but I like it this way, so thanks for not mentioning it.


  1. I love this squid more than life itself. Also: I want your cat.

  2. I too want your cat.

  3. I smell a trade in the air! (NOT for the cat. He is non-negotiable.)

  4. Uh, yeah! Let's discuss.


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