Monday, June 16, 2008

Skulls-n-Roses Mark II Finis!

It's a coincidence that I've made two Skulls-n-Roses dresses. I swear.

I never work with blue, though. If you asked me, I'd probably say I don't especially like the color blue. But something about this particular print appealed to me. Then when I found the plaid that melded so well, it was pretty much unavoidable.

I took a little bit of a risk with this sewing pattern -- Simplicity 3745, for the record. I knew there was a high risk that it would not look quite right on me. And I'm not sure how I do feel about how it came out; that is, how it looks on me. As always, it's better on me than on Heddy -- definitely less hausfrau-ish. Still, I'm undecided.

Now, if I wear this one out and get complimented walking down the street, well. Asked and answered.

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