Thursday, September 25, 2008

Heart It Forward

Now that I'm almost caught up after the last couple of weeks, I can finally post about this.

A couple of weeks ago, awesome plexi artist Tonia Davenport made a Heart It Forward post on her blog. This is her take on feeding a circle of kindness and giving, wherein she makes available an object she has made, free for the taking to the first person who pledges to do the same. My near-obsessive RSSing paid off, and I was the first to lay claim to this fantastic "bliss" bracelet.

In less than a week, it arrived at my door, packaged almost as beautifully as the bracelet itself. I am always taken by such great attention to detail. I've worn the bracelet a few times already, and it's absolutely weightless. It's already become one of my favorite things.

Now it's my turn to play my part in this hopeful little cycle. I initially wanted to make something as beautiful as Tonia's, but I'm just a person without all that much pretty in her. So instead, I'll go the SFLAG way.

This bracelet is a duplicate of one I made for myself during the (slightly frazzled) weeks I was producing necklaces for my first-ever attempt at selling. I put mine on more than a week ago and haven't removed it once since. It's clunky, contrasty, a bit noisy, and seemingly indestructible -- in other words... me.

I will happily pass along the spotless and new rendition of this bracelet to the first person who comments -- publicly, as if -- on this post and agrees to heart something forward him- or herself. That would be, of course, anything your little heart desires.


  1. OH my god I must have this bracelet!! I'd happily buy it!

    thanks tonia for the head's up!

  2. and of course I will play it forward too!! :D

  3. Well, you can't buy it of course. But I'll email you privately to get your address so I can give it to you. ;)

  4. Thank you so much girl! I absolutely love this bracelet. I put a little heart it forward on my blog just now too.

    this was fun (I never win anything!)



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