Tuesday, September 09, 2008

More deets on the People's Art Festival.

I was at work from 9am to 2.30am yesterday, then I got right back at it at 9am this morning. It wasn't until just now that I could finally eat a sammich and relax for a second... which gave me the opportunity, of course, to stress out again about the art festival this Saturday. Well, stress probably isn't exactly the right term. Let's just say nerve up. I'm a little nervous, just because I've never done this before. But I've been to thousands of similar events and I have no doubt that the people I'm sharing space with are going to be fun and friendly and excellent and all that good stuff.

Here's the official website for the People's Art Fair.

We are going to be in booth 74, which looks like a pretty good location, if anyone wants to come say hello. I'm planning on getting there at set up time (10am), but I am probably going to leave by 2pm (or whenever I sell out, whichever happens first -- lookit me, I'm an optimist!). I'm very happy to say I just got a pair of tickets for the big PBR event in Grand Rapids, which is also on Saturday, including VIP party passes. Yes, I'm serious, stop laughing! Unfortunately, I don't have time to make a dress out of this fabric. Wait, maybe that's a good thing.

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