Monday, February 01, 2010

But I'm still fond of you... oh-ho-ho...

Sooooo much to learn with the embroidery software, but I have learned a bit so far. This is the (original design, Smiths lyrics) embroidered detail on my crafting apron/toolbelt, which I've been meaning to make for, oh, decades, and finally got around to this weekend.

I would claim that I'll take better pictures to post some time, but I doubt I will -- I'll be too busy wearing the thing. Also, I'd post a tutorial if anyone asked.

I just realized how massively lazy this post makes me sound. Blame the fact that the climate control at my office is killing me ded -- it was, like, 50°F in here when I got here, and about 85°F now.*

*What? I NEVER exaggerate.

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