Saturday, July 10, 2010

How I spent my birthday this year...

A little off my usual subject matter, once again.

I'm at the end of my annual Birthday Week sabbatical, and I just wanted to show off a little bit of what I did during my time off. Well, not what *I* did exactly. :)

My birthday was Wednesday (07-07). Tuesday night, I saw, and then met, DEVO.


There's a more in-depth, far dorkier version of the story here, if you're interested. :)


  1. DEVO! That's awesome.

  2. Oh you shoulda been there. I didn't quite beguile them into a rousing, yet techno-nerdy, version of Happy Birthday, but at least Mark Mothersbaugh noticed me. And made fun of me! What more could a goyle want?

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