Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Were I made a different way

Were I made a different way
My homes could have been more peaceful.
    no falling walls
    no trembling beds
    no murmuring just outside

Were I made a different way
My nights could have been less eventful.
    no peering giants
    no banded snakes
    no shadow men at my bedside

Were I made a different way
The hauntings could seem endless.
    the temperature jump
    the vibe in the air
    the force holding me in place

Were I made a different way
The terror could be relentless.
    the weight as it sits
    the hand on my shoulder
    the leaning in close to my face

Were I made a different way
To believe would be so easy.
    in profligate myths
    in fanciful notions
    in the weakest, most superstitious fears

As I am made the way that I am
I know that it’s all chemistry.
— 8 January 2013


1 comment:

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