Tuesday, March 26, 2013

2 New Leggings...Pairs

2 New Leggings...Pairs by shefightslikeagirl
Man, I love this spandex. LOVE. IT. I'm going to make another 100 pairs of leggings from this stuff, because it's perfect summer wear. You know how some fabrics just always feel cool? Not because they are flowy, or ventilated, or wicking, or any other weird thing... it's just magic. Like the way powdered sugar feels cool in your mouth. Slinky spandex has that same kind of effect. And the new printed patterns? Spectacular. I whipped these up this weekend.

PS Just because catalogs show women wearing leggings with nothing more than a t-shirt, doesn't mean that's how they're supposed to be worn. They're just trying to show the goods, just like they do with pantyhose. You'd wear a skirt (or something) with pantyhose, right? So, wear something over your leggings, too, for crissake.

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