Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jacketless Lapels

Jacketless Lapels
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Once again, I failed to take a Before photo, but here is the After. This started life as a black double-breasted (thrift store) jacket that I bought for probably $4. I surgically removed the lapels and inner edges (plackets, more or less). Then my old favorite, bias tape, was employed to finish the raw edges. (There are SO many layers involved in a blazer, PLUS heavy duty interfacing. No way it was getting folded over.)

After figuring out how long to leave the front bits, I took a pair of red (thrift store) suspenders, cut them down and inserted into the open ends of the cut-down and folded inward plackets, and stitched them in. Add Alex and Hannibal buttons and voila! (The pins on the left lapel are from the Dirty Show art show that the lapels went to last night.) It's one of those items that people look at without really seeing until suddenly they realize... there's no jacket!

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