Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Stranglers Embroidered Jacket

Rattus Norvegicus by shefightslikeagirlYesterday I created a machine embroidery version of the iconic rat image from The Stranglers debut album, "Rattus Norvegicus." I had purchased this vintage white denim jacket at resale for exactly this project -- I didn't expect hooping the jacket to be such a major PITA! That zipper complicated everything, but that's exactly where I wanted the rat to be. Eventually I got it hooped up, and the stitching looks great.

The Stranglers are easily one of my top-5 all-time favorite bands. I saw them their last time in Detroit, which was twenty years ago (ow my mortality)! I've been super-excited for this show for months now, and wanted to make something to wear that was appropriate and an in-joke wink.

I'm happy with how the stitching turned out, risky as it was, jamming the jacket in that hoop. I woke up this morning super-excited for this show...which is now postponed until September. D'oh!

I was too excited to see The Stranglers to risk somehow missing them when they come back through my town in the fall, so I drove out to Chicago this weekend to see them. I had originally intended to drive out Friday morning, see the Friday night show, and then head home Saturday early afternoon, but the show promoters were so fun, friendly, and generous, they invited me to come to the Saturday show as well -- which I did, thus giving this jacket a two-day debut. And I have to say, it was a smash hit. I didn't expect that the band would be selling their OWN embroidered jacket -- a very cool black work jacket (which I am somehow forgetting whether it was Carhartt or Dickies) -- which prompted a couple of people to ask me "how'd you score a WHITE one?"

I kept telling everyone it was a "limited edition...of one."

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