Friday, June 07, 2013

Check out this monsterrific new game...

A good friend of mine is doing something really cool, and everyone should see it.

He has designed this board game -- his second -- and he's doing the Kickstarter thing to fund it and get it out to The Peoples.

Ben is a monster guy; he knows almost as much about monsters as I do. And this game is all about monsters: zombies, vampires, werewolves, and worst of all, post-apocalyptic dudebros. It's called Undead Apocalypse, and it looks pretty sweet. I don't understand much about how it plays -- I don't play these kinds of things -- but it LOOKS, as I say, pretty sweet. It's worth it for the werewolf figure alone. 

Yeah, okay, I admit I'm biased... not because Ben is a friend of mine, but because I'm a secret werewolf. Evidently.

Grab the avatar image below to show that you are on Team: Werewolf
Which Apocalyptic Leader Are You?

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