Monday, August 12, 2013

I was interviewed for the Project Archivist podcast...

featuring DC-in-Detroit

Hey people! Here's something from my non-crafty life.

I recently had the pleasure of a long talk with Roejen and Lobo, the minds behind the Project Archivist podcast, along with frequent guest/contributor/smart guy Tyler Kokjohn.

I've been a long-time PA listener; the show covers esoterica, spooky things, and general weirdnesses, with an air of open-minded curiosity. Turns out, Roejen is a local, so we've run into each other once or twice. A recent conversation we had over a couple pints of mead turned to the topic of dreams and sleep states, and we both agreed it would be a good topic for the show. Sleep paralysis and other sorts of sleep disturbances provide a crossover between "skeptics" and "believers" in a way that I don't often hear discussed.

So we discussed it.

The show is about an hour and a half long, and it was a good, spritely conversation. At least I think so.

Listen here.

Greetings Archivists!

We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of the dreams...

In this episode Show listener Dorion joins us to talk about the strange world of sleep disorders. We take a look at Narcolepsy, Sleep Paralysis, Cognitive dreaming, Lucid dreaming, Night terrors and Hypnagogia. All of which she experiences or suffers from!

We also take a look at how these conditions of consciousness could be perceived as paranormal experiences and describe what it feels like to have one. Later at the end of the interview, a few listeners call in with their own experiences. Yes, that other voice in the back ground is Tyler who joins us as a guest host just to add a bit more coolness and logic to the topic.

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