Wednesday, March 05, 2014


Craftster Best of 2013 Winner


It's always so great to be recognized by one's fellows, and to be able to add this badge to my blog tickles me to no end.

Electric EelWhat's being honored is my machine-embroidered electric eel project, wherein, after 3 years of machine embroidery, I finally took the time to document the (or my) entire process of digitizing a project.

I didn't realize it was listed in Best of 2013 until just today, because there is SO much wonder on, that in my browsing of project after project, I genuinely forget to check back in on my own posts. If any of you reading practice any kind of crafts and are not yet a member, you should go join up. I've never met a more creative, cheerful, and most amazingly of all supportive, group of people in any other venue.

I've been posting at craftster for so long, I've actually been awarded a Best of once 2007, for this dress. Yep, I'm old skool: I've been on craftster since 2004 in fact!

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